Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Walkies: Oshawa's Beautiful Kinsmen Valleyview Gardens

Above:  Oshawa's beautiful Kinsmen Valleyview Gardens is one of our favourite trails and on Sunday we got to spend time there admiring the new blooms.

We usually enter the Gardens via the Arena Street Fire Hall parking lot near the creek.

Dad can be such a bore... always trying to get me to focus and pose.  Sheesh how lame!

It was a great day!  Above:  I met Baron who's a really good dog too and we played for a bit.

Enough with the poses already!

Oshawa's Kinsmen Valleyview Gardens is bordered by Adelaide Street West to the north, Kaiser Crescent to the east, Arena Street to the west and Bond Street to the south.   This park forms a northern portion of the Oshawa Creek Trail's great paved biking route.   

The Oshawa Creek Trail is an easy and scenic off-road pathway leading all the way south to Lake Ontario where you can connect with Ontario's extensive Waterfront Trail system for even more biking fun.  

World's Best Dog Food is Harvest Blend

me and dad at Oshawa's beautiful Kinsmens Valleyview Gardens

Uncle Ron came to visit the other day to deliver my fresh bag of num-nums.   Ron is a distributor for the premium pet food called Harvest Blend.  Harvest Blend is an all natural kibble that is delicious AND it's specially formulated from the best ingredients, vitamins and minerals to keep me healthy. 

Mom and dad are still amazed that in this day and age someone actually takes the time and effort to personally deliver fresh bags of dog food right to our home!  But Uncle Ron is very prompt with a delivery once he gets our phone order.  My parents have been customers of Ron for a long time and they highly recommend this supplier and his premium dog food.  


Ten years ago Dad got REMARKABLE improvements in the coat of his dear Nathan, a Giant Schnauzer who suffered from severe oily dandruff when Nathan was moved to a Harvest Blend formula.  Nathan was turning grey at only 4 years of age, he had little energy and was 30 lbs. over weight on standard "store" brands of kibble. 

But after a few months on Harvest Blend Nathan's grey hair was gone and so was his dandruff and smelly coat.  But the most incredible thing about the Harvest Blend food was how Nathan slowly gained energy and lost ALL of his excess body fat.  After a year or two on Harvest Blend food Nathan's coat was glossy and wow his activity level transformed to power packed and vibrant!  In fact Nathan actually looked younger at 8 years of age than he did when he was four years old.    

Dad says Harvest Blend dog food works out be VERY affordable because it doesn't contain any fillers, chemicals, crappy meat byproducts and other junk.  It's pure goodness and energy -- so I only need to eat a few cups of this kibble per day.  I love my Harvest Blend Chicken Formula! 

Harvest Blend premium dog food Contact Ron Wright for free home delivery in Durham RegionHere's what the company site says:  "Harvest Blend Chicken Formula is a completely balanced premium dog food suitable for "All Life Stages". Our high quality ingredients ensure that your adult dog will receive all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients necessary to maintain a long and healthy life. The complete amino acid profile and high energy level derived from our superior protein, fat and carbohydrate sources also makes this food ideal for growing puppies, working dogs, and pregnant/lactating females."

Mom just found out that Harvest Blend has a new Salmon Formula and since this blend may have a bit more Omega oils, mom is keen to supplement my diet with it.  mmmmmm new num-nums!    I can't wait!

For free Harvest Blend pet food delivery in Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Port Hope, Cobourg , Ajax, Pickering and Port Perry contact:
Ron Wright
Email Ron
ronallwright [at] rogers dot com

Ron *might* have a FREE sample of this great pet food for you too so call or email him!