Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicks With Beards Rock

I got a new do a few days ago and mom says I'm beautiful. Do you like chicks with beards? The pretty ladies at Indogneeto in Oshawa always give me this cute beard! I like those ladies. They give me cookies and make me smell great. I have tons of energy so I talk fast....

What does immature mean? Dad says I'm immature. I don't know what that word means. For some reason mom and dad don't want me to jump up on them anymore. Learning not to do that is a real drag.

I ate mom's new thingy today. Mom said it was a working compass pendant. Mom is angry. Mom says she ordered the thingy by mailorder. What is etsy? Anyway mom told dad she was going to make a steampunk necklace called "Finding My Way". Oh well! That thingy was tasty. I always smile for mom after I've eaten her stuff. Then mom gets even madder. Why is mom so angry these days?

I also chewed a strand of crunchies today too. I just love those little crunchies. I get yelled at for pulling stuff down off mom's desk. All the items on mom's desk smell great! Dad calls the crunchies "gemstone beads". He says I'm living on borrowed time. I don't know what that means either.

Mom says "some day" I will grow into a great friend for her. I think we're great friends right now. I just love mom and all her stuff. Well, gotta go! If I sit in my window I can watch the traffic...