Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gros Morne National Park and Trout River

Trout River

For three days we stayed at the Crocker Cabins in Trout River where we met Suzanne and Jeff from Vancouver. The cabins were very nice with great cable TV. I love to watch TV with mom!

Trout River Pond

Trout River is located within Gros Morne National Park on the west coast of Newfoundland. Here I am at Trout River Pond:

me at Trout River Pond

Gros Morne park is a UNESCO world heritage site. We learned that the earth’s mantle is exposed here and that makes this a very special spot. The mountains here are called the Tablelands because they are flat on top.

Gros Morne

Here I am at Woody Point on Bonne Bay.

We stopped at the Seaside Restaurant because it has one of the area's few wifi cafés! And they have good milkshakes here too. Everything here smells really good!

Tonight we had local cod sandwiches from the Tablelands Restaurant in Trout River. Daddy took lots of pictures of the cute fishing port in Trout River.

Here I am on the boardwalk by the ocean in downtown Trout River. The sunsets here are gorgeous.

I'm having the best time ever!!! But mom still hasn’t found labradorite in its natural state :) I found lots of yummy moose poop deposits though...

We heard there are good deposits of high grade labradorite over on the Labrador coast near Nain, but we can’t get there. Over there native artisans carve stone statuary from locally gathered rock materials like anorthocite that they gather near Nain too. Mom wants to fly to Nain right now... but dad says that will have to be another trip.

Tomorrow we’re heading back around Bonne Bay to resume our northward Viking Trail explorations. It should be fun!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Newfoundland's Southwest Shore

younger female moose crossing Trans Canada Highway

This morning we got on the Trans Canada Highway and headed northward up the southwest shore of Newfoundland. We saw this young female moose crossing the highway and the photograph was taken through the front window of our van.

Now we know why Newfoundland is called ‘the rock’. Rock outcroppings are everywhere. The entire island appears to be one large rock formation.

Mom is looking for labradorite stones and other mineral specimens that she can make into her handmade jewelry so she makes dad stop the car quite a bit but I don’t mind because I love to get out of the car!

Newfoundland flora and fauna

There are alpine flowers, wild grasses and lichen for ground cover. Wild strawberries are everywhere too. There are blueberry bushes along the highways and we’re hoping to learn about the partridge berries and cloudberries (bakeapple) that we were told grow here.

Newfoundland's wild strawberries, lichen, tundra like nordic ground cover
Here I am at the Cornerbrook, Nfld tourist information center.

Amy at the Cornerbrook Tourism Centre

And mom took this picture at the Captain Cook historical site overlooking Cornerbrook, Nfld.

Cornerbrook Nfld harbour from Captain Cook lookout
Now we’re headed up the Viking Trail!

I'm on the Island of Newfoundland!

Amy at the Beacon Hotel in Sydney, NS

A few days ago (June 29th) we stayed at the Beacon Hotel in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was a nice place! This morning we drove to North Sydney to ride on a very big boat. While we were in the lineup waiting to board the M.V. Caribou ferry mom realized that she had left her purse in a Tim Horton’s restaurantlocated in Sydney! But daddy called them and they promised to hold on to it until we get back.

I had some timbits and new liver flavoured chews (“Pet-EZE” with chamomile, dried hops, ginger root extract, L-tourine and L-tryptophan in a base of brewer’s yeast, dried whey, liver meal etc.). Those yummy treats helped me sleep on the boat.

Crossing the Cabot Strait from North Sydney, NS to Port-aux-Basques, Nfld is at least a seven hour trip by ferry. The weather was overcast, cold and very windy. The ferry crossing was choppy but none of us were sick at all. Mom and dad watched inboard movies, drank hot tea and got to know some nice folks.

Because it was such a long boat trip mom & dad were worried whether I would be okay down in the ship’s hold. But I just slept in my kennel inside the van and was quite happy to see mom and dad when they got back.

Here I am at the Hotel Port-aux-Basques where the Heritage Center is beside a real train! So we've made it safe and sound to the Island of Newfoundland!!

Amy at Hotel Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here I am in New Brunswick!

Here I am in New Brunswick where we visited this long covered bridge!

The hotel where we stayed (Fredericton, NB) advertised wifi but it wasn't working so mom and dad were cheesed. This article should have been posted 5 days ago...

But I'm having a blast. Everything on the trip has been good. I'm getting lots of treats and even had KFC with my kibble for supper! Now we're heading for Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island where we'll board a ferry to Newfoundland.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm In Nova Scotia On Vacation!

Here I am in Nova Scotia. The weather was okay but got very rainy as we drove across the magnificent Cape Breton Island.

I'm so happy to be with mom and dad on this road trip.