Thursday, October 14, 2010

more on my Newfoundland trip '09

okay so I never finished telling you about my great Newfoundland adventure! There were lots of animals that smelled really interesting. I wanted very, very much to get out of the truck and give chase, but nobody would let me out. Moose were everywhere! Cows with their young calves too! The weather got quite cold, windy and rainy when we got to L'Anse aux Meadows and the historic viking settlement site. It was so cold and wet that I wouldn't get out of the car. The only good part about the cold arctic winds that we ran into at the tip of Newfoundland's Northern Penninsula was that they blew icebergs close enough to the land that we could see them and get a few good pictures. We've never seen an iceberg before. Mom says global warming will eventually melt all the icebergs, so she was so happy to see some. Do you like this painting that my mom did of me? that's a real iceberg out in the ocean!
I spent hours gazing outside at the cold driving rain but still it's time for a return trip to stunning Newfoundland