Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Sun Is Back!

Here I was on my walk today trying my best to hide from the camera for some reason. The weather has been so mild and we're happy to have lots of sunshine again. There was almost no snow here in Toronto all winter, but maybe we'll still get a bit more of the white stuff. I sure hope so! I love to play in the snow :)

If the weather stays this mild I'll be going for grooming soon! YAY! but today my coat is fluffy. I've been trimmed around the face, but it's definitely time for a new hairdo.

There's not much new going on with me. Everyday I try my best to be a good girl and everyday I still get barked at by mom, but she says I'm growing up a wee bit. I help mom with her work and she's opening a studio and gallery right here in the house so that will mean lots of new visitors. YAY!

Mom says I've been remarkably sane this past 6 months and that living with me has become almost tolerable. Here's another picture of my fluffy look. This photo was taken in September when I thought we were going on vacation (so I am smiling) but apparently I was going to the country club and they got to go to Block Island.