Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Airedale Puppies and Chew, Chew, Chewing!

Chewing mommy's stuff up is Amy's raison d'etre. Puppy toys and wholesome chew treats are a necessity with our Airedale, who seems bored out of her skull most of the time when left on her own. Her energy level is off the map. I've never owned a dog with this soaring level of energy. I joke that all three of our male giant schnauzers put together don't have Amy's energy level. I'm still trying to find a 'day job' for this little working dog. She needs a full time job.

Left to her own devices, Amy paces through the house looking for items to play with. This means an unusual preoccupation with anything mommy touches and especially the irresistible desire to chew up the beautiful things mommy creates. So far, Amy has only destroyed a few of my precious gemstone creations, so I've somehow managed to keep the majority of my artistic mess out of her reach.

At the vet Amy and I met a lady who said Amy was "full of beans and bologna" read baloney like phony baloney. This puppy LOVES the whole world. She simply adores every living being and true to the terrier monaker our Amy is a holy terror, just a hellion.

This means that your new airedale terrier puppy may seem a bit airheaded at times. She'll hear your commands and totally understand them, but whether she complies is another matter entirely. At times, this breed requires a good deal of patience on the part of the handler.

An optimal environment for my airedale puppy is a busy, active household. A household with lots going on - lots of visitors, lots of chatter, lots of opportunities for play, good long walks outside, and of course plenty of catch, fetch and tugging games! Our airedale is a star retriever!!! Just wait until we introduce a frisbee....

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Steve said...

My uncle owns an airedale, and I have to say, they're very active dogs. Gem, the name of my uncle's Airedale is hyperactive especially when he's asking for his favorite dog treats. As my uncle told me, "that thing makes him feel like a champion."

Now I have to credit him for doing a terrific job with his dog, treating him like a true champ. I've read a couple of posts on Amy, and I must say she's very adorable!