Friday, May 9, 2008

New Baby

Happy Father's Day - David and AmyHere's our baby the day we brought her home. As this was my first airedale, I felt perhaps we'd been sold a bear cub not a puppy. I think it's silly that baby airedale terriers look so ridiculous. Unfortunately they grow up all too quickly...

Amy was only seven weeks old in this pic. Her canine mommy's milk had been drying up since this litter was four weeks old. So Amy and her litter mates really needed new homes. My David was certain he needed another dog and I too was eager to make room for a new baby. So we welcomed Amy with open arms! Amy was Daddy's Happy Father's Day gift 2007 and she's been filling our hearts with joy every day since.

Kate and Amy On day two I took Amy to visit our daughter Kate at her nursing home in Pickering. Kate said Amy was just too adorable and fell in love with her too!!! Even in her wheelchair, Kate found it easy to hold Amy -- of course the puppy mostly slept all the time at that point.

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American Made Jewelry said...

Oh Anna Lee! The Puppy! I am a sucker for dogs, and puppies especially. Hubert is my Yellow Lab and he will probably be the subject of one of my blogs. I have no children, so Hubert is my baby boy - my husband's too! Thanks for visiting my blog, I intend to visit your's often. Stay in touch. Your designs are wonderful ! So much little time....

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