Friday, May 16, 2008

Grooming Airedale Puppies - "Starting to Look Like a Real Airedale!"

Here's Amy at about four months. This wasn't really her first 'airecut'. I had hand stripped her coat. Hand stripping the old outer coat isn't painful to the dog, but Amy was very young and her stripping & grooming sessions were quite short at first and gradually extended as her patience and tolerance grew.

We invested in a folding grooming table from Pet Supply House (next day delivery!) complete with noose and this baby took to it remarkable well. In addition to a toolkit of stripping knives, I also like the stripping stones for removing dead fluff. And David is fond of a few stripping "gloves" that work really well especially for puppies because you can gently incorporate grooming into play sessions. Whoopee!

Notice the great gooming on a mature bitch in this wonderful airedale pic borrowed from One thing is certain, if you want to showcase the features of your airedale puppy, you'll have to groom it. Hopefully someday Amy's airecut will resemble this fine example.... sigh!

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Cassidy said...

Hi Amy,

My name is Cassidy and I live with my biog brother Harry, and my mummy and daddy. Mymummy hand strips my coat. I am 10 months old now and it's good and wiry already. Mummy does say it's like having a part time job keeping on top of it though, tee hee!

Stop by our blog and say hello sometime.

Cassidy x